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6 Steps To Buying A Home, Condo or Townhouse

buying a houseInterested in buying a place? Today’s market is ripe with opportunities for first-time buyers combined with some of the lowest interest rates in the past 6 months. Shopping for and purchasing your first home is an exciting time, but before you begin looking, make sure you’re completely prepared and know what to expect. The following steps will help get you ready to make that big purchase

Freshen up your Finances Before you dive into the exciting part of home buying… the search!   Make sure you have all your ducks in a row.  Figuring out your finances and crunching some numbers will allow you to set a realistic budget.


Start by learning about your FICO Scores and how to improve them at 

Get Pre Approved For A Loan    After you get your finances in order, talk to lenders and mortgage brokers. It’s important to shop around to get the lowest interest and overall best deal possible. Make sure you understand all of the fees involved before diving into any thing. Do NOT allow multiple lenders or services like Lending to pull your credit since doing so will actually lower your credit score which could cost you the most competitive interest rates .


Start by learning the 10 questions you should ask ALL lenders before letting them have access to your credit or Get Pre-Approved with one of Mitch’s Preferred Lenders 

Map out your criteria.   Now that you have your finances figured out and are pre approved for a loan, it’s time to begin your search for the home! With a plethora of online home-buying tools at your fingertips, it’s relatively easy to map out different types of homes and neighborhoods and find what is right for you.


Make big decisions like urban versus suburban settings, an estimated property size and neighborhood requirements before you start to physically look at properties. This will save time and energy for both you and your agent. Mitch can create very detailed searches that will send you email alerts when places that meet your criteria are posted to your own personal and private website. On your site you can check out all of the details and leave questions or comments for Mitch that will help him refine our your search and make it easier for you to find the perfect place.


Start by telling Mitch about what you would love to have in Your First Home.

Take notes.   Once you have found some houses you’re interested in looking at don’t venture out without a pen, paper and camera.


Often when searching for a home you are shown many places in the same trip. Keeping track of important details by taking notes and pictures will help you differentiate between the properties later, and help you weed out the homes you were not interested in. It is also a good idea to come with a list of questions ready, and be sure to scope out the neighborhood by driving around for a bit. If you are working with a REALTOR, keep them updated on the parts of town or neighborhoods you are considering. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a house only to find it’s down the block from an extremely noisy or smelly restaurant or industrial plant.


To make it easier for you to find out more information, about places you might drive by. Mitch has one number that you can call to get info on any property 24/7 regardless of what REALTOR has the property listed for sale.


Start by learning about and activating Instant Info

Write that Offer!  When you have found a home or condo that you love don’t wait around.


I’ve seen many first-time buyers miss out on a home because they got cold feet and continued shopping around. By the time they realized they weren’t going to find a better fit, someone else had already made an offer! Like the perfect pair of shoes, you will know when you’ve found the right match. Make an offer, and be ready to negotiate.  Once you have decided to write an offer, thoroughly read the contract and make sure you understand everything before you sign.


Start the process by contacting Mitch to ask questions and find out what Mitch does different from other REALTORS to “Help You Make The Right Move”

YES… You are under contract! Next, it’s time to begin with the loan application, order an appraisal and  have a home inspection process.


Mitch will give you the specific next steps and have multiple preferred vendors to select from to help guide you through this process. All the way down to telling you when you should transfer utilities in to your name and more right up till day of closing.


Start by contacting Mitch to ask questions and find out what Mitch does different from other REALTORS to “Help You Make The Right Move”