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Mitch Rolsky
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Buyers Agent, Top 10 Reasons to Have One

What makes a REALTOR #1. Do You Want The #1 Realtor working for you? Did You Know that “Most agents who show you homes don’t represent your interests. They work for the seller, and their object is to sell the house for the highest possible price.”   USA  Today
Check out the Top 10 Reasons To Use Buyer’s Agents That Work 4 U & What happens when you have one of Mitch’s Listings  or when You are wanting to Sell A place  –

Reason #10 – Listing Agents work for the SELLER NOT for you as the BUYER


Listing Agents have a legal obligation to disclose all known information about a BUYER and to get the highest price with the best terms for the SELLER

Reason # 9 – Listing Agents are legally obligated to withhold information from you as a BUYER.

Listing Agents cannot share with a buyer what purchase price a Seller might accept or reasons NOT to buy a property since disclosing this information is not in the best interests of the SELLER

Reason # 8 – A Listing Agent can ONLY work as a Limited Agent when working with both, a BUYER and the SELLER on the same Property.

A Limited agent can share information with you as the BUYER about what other comparable properties have sold for. But a Limited agent is not obligated or allowed to explain the other comps when the price or purchase terms on the other homes do NOT support the SELLER’s price and terms.

Reason # 7 – A Buyer’s Agent MUST BECOME a Limited Agent to work with you as a Buyer whenever the Property is listed by them or by the Agent’s Managing Broker.


In 2012 over 58% of the 432 homes & Condos sold in Downtown Indianapolis were listed by only four Managing Brokers/Offices.* That means when you call the phone number on the sign in a yard, window or advertisement, but don’t talk with the Listing Agent, there is still a real possibility that the home was listed by the Managing Broker of one of those 4 offices. When that happens than any Agent, legally tied to that office/Broker, MUST automatically become a Limited Agent to work with you as the BUYER. And, just like in reason three above, a Limited Agent can NOT fully advise the BUYER as they normally would if they were a Buyer’s Agent.

Reason # 6 – Only a Buyer’s Agent is 100% legally and ethically obligated to put the BUYER’s interests first.


This means only A Buyer’s Agent is legally obligated to get the lowest Price with the best terms for you as the BUYER.

Reason # 5 – Only a Buyer’s Agent must 100% of the time recommend a qualified, independent home inspector who will solely represent your interest’s as the BUYER’s verses those of the SELLER.
Reason # 4 – While ALL Agents must disclose everything they know, good and bad, about any defects or conditions of a property only a Buyer’s Agent is legally and ethically obligated to share 100% of what they also know about the value or marketability of a property you want to purchase.
Reason # 3 – Only a Buyer’s Agent can advise you, as the BUYER, regarding what an initial offer should be, how much to counter offer during the negotiation process, and ultimately what is a good purchase price for a property.


Only a Buyer’s Agent can help prepare a Purchase Agreement that is worded to address your best interests as a BUYER.

Reason # 2 – A Buyer’s Agent can save you as the BUYER thousands of dollars during the negotiating process.


When a BUYER works with a Buyer’s Agent the SELLER does NOT have access to information like how much mortgage you have been pre-approved for, what other homes you may have looked at and what you might be willing to pay for the SELLER’s home .

Reason # 1 – In 2012 the SELLER paid a Buyer’s Agent sales commission 100% of the time (167 out of 167 homes & condos sold in downtown Indianapolis during 2012.*)

So, with your Buyer’s Agent’s commissions being paid by the SELLER it just makes sense to have an experienced Real Estate professional, who has a legal and ethical obligation to work ONLY for YOUR best interests, on your side .

What is Unique about Mitch as Listing Agent…

Although Mitch has client’s all over Indianapolis his focus is predominately on working as a Buyer’s Agent in the Downtown area along with all of the historic neighborhoods north of downtown to Broad Ripple and east of downtown to Irvington. Typically, although not always, when I do list a property it’s because I had initially represented the Seller when they purchased that property. I realize there can be a financial savings for a buyer to working with a Listing Agent, that has offered the Seller a variable commission rate, if the Agent works as a Limited Agent. So I have taken unique steps to make sure that you, as a Buyer, can take advantage of any of the traditional financial benefits of working with a Listing Agent while always being 100% fully represented… and all of this at no expense to you!

The Two Unique Ways I make sure you never have to choose between being fully represented and getting the best buy possible as a Buyer.
  1. Three quarter of the the four offices, that handled just over 53% of the sales in the heard of downtown in 2015 have Managing Brokers that are also active Agents, which is the case with most of firms you will encounter as a buyer Downtown. But with Keller Williams that is not the case which means that when I show you a home or condo downtown you will never have to choose between continuing to work with me as your Buyer’s Agent vs. having to work with a Limited Agent who does not 100% represent ONLY your interests


  2. If you have interest in one of my own listings than at the point that you are ready to make an offer on my listing I will refer you to a fellow Keller Williams Agent who can fully represent you through the offer and closing process while I represent my seller. This other agent will pay me a referral fee, which allows me to still offer the Seller a discount on their brokerage fee just like if I had “both sides” of a transaction. However, this gives both you as a Buyer and the Seller the best of all worlds since the Seller has more flexibility in what they can sell their property for and yet both you and the Buyer are 100% fully represented. You can learn more about how Mitch gives you as a Seller the most options while still representing ONLY you as the Seller.
    If for whatever reason you and the Seller are not able to come to agreement on my listing, and I had referred you to a fellow REALTOR then I am still available to help you with any other properties until we find and buy the perfect place for you.