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Mitch Rolsky
Mitch Rolsky - REALTOR®

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Maple Grove

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Neighborhood: Maple Grove
Year Built/Converted 1937-2011
Total Number of Units: 170
Bedroom Range:
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bedrooms
Most floor plans have 3 bedrooms.
Typical Parking/Unit: Units typically include 2 garage spaces.
Total Stories: 1-2 level homes
Price Range as of : Assessed at $40,500-$850,100. However, sales for last 24 months reflect $4,500-$289,644.
Size Range: 570 sq ft - 2800 sq ft

School Information for 46112

340 Stadium Drive, Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 852-1498
Grade Levels: K-5

Enrollment: 659
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

1000 South Odell Street, Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 852-2258
Grade Levels: 9-12

Enrollment: 2536
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

4845 Bulldog Drive, Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 852-1060
Grade Levels: K-5

Enrollment: 601
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

555 Sycamore Street, Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 852-1050
Grade Levels: K-5

Enrollment: 684
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

1400 South Odell Street, Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 852-3126
Grade Levels: K-5

Enrollment: 586
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

1250 Airport Road, Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 852-2386
Grade Levels: 6-8

Enrollment: 1031
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

1555 South Odell Street, Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 852-3143
Grade Levels: 6-8

Enrollment: 958
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

3680 Hornaday Road, Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 852-1062
Grade Levels: K-5

Enrollment: 632
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

3590 Hornaday Road, Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 852-1036
Grade Levels: K-5

Enrollment: 598
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

206 North Meridian Street, Pittsboro, IN 46167
(317) 994-2000
Grade Levels: 3-5

Enrollment: 332
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

540 Osborne Avenue, Pittsboro, IN 46167
(317) 994-2100
Grade Levels: PK-2

Enrollment: 271
Schools Website

GreatSchools Rating

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Mitch Knew All The Right Things To Do To Get Us A Great Sales Price In Very Little Time
Added February 24th, 2019
Lakes at the Crossing

"Mitch Rolsky and I have been friends since high school. When my parents needed to move to a retirement community and sell their condo, I thought of Mitch. We have several friends who are realtors
Terry B...
Mitch was not interested in simply selling a property, but… selling the right property.
Added January 14th, 2019
Desoto Condominiums

"Mitch Rolsky was recommended by a trusted friend and he couldn’t have made a better recommendation. Mitch was extremely knowledgeable, honest and straightforward. I hold these attributes in hi
Stephen P...
The Perfect Partner To Guide You And Stand With You Through The Process
Added December 1st, 2018
Mill #9 Lofts Phase 1

"My husband and I could not have imagined how easy the home-buying process could be, but with Mitch on our side, it truly was easy. Mitch's expertise, a wealth of knowledge, and ability to navigat
Christine & Ryan R....
I Simply Won’t Call On Anyone Else
Added September 17th, 2018
Fall Creek Place

"I simply won't call on anyone else. While I'm sure there are many qualified, knowledgeable realtors, when it comes to this area, it took us working with a few before we knew we had found 'the one
Andrew B...
“This Was The Biggest Transaction Of Our Lives… We Would Only Trust Mitch To Guide Us Through It All”
Added August 2nd, 2018
Chatham Arch-Mass Ave

"Having interacted with many downtown realtors, only a few display the knowledge and business acumen that Mitch does - and he has affirmed our perspective of him again and again. He understands th
B Jeffery & D Bertram...
I Get Great Joy Helping First Time Homebuyers Find The Perfect Place
Added June 28th, 2018
Broad Ripple

C. Everhardus...
“Some Might Call It Going Above & Beyond, But It Seemed Like That’s The Way Mitch Does Business Everyday”
Added June 14th, 2018
Herron-Morton Place

"Mitch had a good track record from helping our friends purchase 2 homes and sell 1. We met him previously and his passion for the business was very apparent. Sometimes Mitch has so much to say it'
Andrew & Megan Steenman...
“Whether You’re Looking To Buy A Home In The Downtown Area Or Not, I’d Refer Mitch To Anyone”
Added May 1st, 2018

"Mitch was absolutely amazing. He is a great realtor. He kept us informed through the entire process. Mitch was phenomenal. I have nothing but great things to say about our experience working wi
Resha & Taj Woods-Sutherlin...
We Will Definitely Recommend Mitch To Family And Friends!
Added March 27th, 2018
Mill #9 Lofts Phase 1

"Given that we had not lived in the Indianapolis area for many years, it took us almost a year to find what we ultimately purchased. Mitch was extremely patient over that time period and showed us
Ann & Pete Cagany...
We Truly Cannot Say Enough Wonderful Things… His Dedication To His Clients Is Unprecedented.
Added March 13th, 2018

"We truly cannot say enough wonderful things about our realtor Mitch. His dedication and loyalty to his clients is unprecedented.  We are forever grateful for him and his unwavering guidance, kn
Allie and Robert Moran...

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