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Mitch Rolsky
Mitch Rolsky - REALTOR®

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Helping You Make The Right Move

More than just clever words…

This concept came, from Mitch’s years of buying & selling, before becoming a Realtor. Mitch experienced that most agents discovered early on that it’s easier to tell you as a buyer or seller what you want to hear versus doing the research and having the market expertise tell you as their client what you need to know!

As a buyer and seller, Mitch wished Agent’s would have taken the time to educate him, to help Mitch make informed decisions and to have just made it easier for him, as their client.

So, Mitch applied this perspective to his work with clients and Mitch strives to make it easier for every client to buy, sell and lease properties through Mitch’s commitment to be Knowledgeable, Principled and Effective.

WiserKnowledgeable –  This means you will never have Mitch, as your Realtor, telling you why he can’t sell a home, townhouse or condo for you that Mitch previously sold to you!


To achieve this Mitch will continue to be a knowledgeable and ethical professional, that leverages leading-edge technology and a deep community understanding, as well as being a savvy financial counselor so that you can explore options and make informed decisions


Principled – This means you will never see Mitch trying to represent both a Buyer and a Seller in the same transaction where the only person that wins is the Agent!

Mitch appreciates the confidence and trust you extend to him to support and guide you through the buying, selling and relocation experience with atypically candid advice, creative thinking, and a can-do, get-things-done approach. Mitch believes clients deserve and are entitled to 100% of the attention, focus, and commitment of their Realtor. There is a reason most states have made the concept of dual or limited agency (one agent helping both the buyer & seller in the same deal) illegal.


The only person that wins in the dual or limited agency is the Realtor… and Mitch’s commitment is to always work for YOU when you are his client!


Effective – This means Mitch will be efficient and respectful of your time by listening to your goals and being refreshingly direct and open with you when you ask him questions.

Mitch’s commitment to you is to elevate and enhance the process by doing his part quickly and minimizing hassles for you so that you can take the time you want and need to make informed decisions.  

Mitch also learned firsthand all of the things that a Realtor could have or should have done, or more often not done. Things Like… Helping to better understand what’s happening & why, Minimize stress, Being proactive vs. reactive to requests & Being more efficient with a Client’s time

Having experienced first hand the reasons why most people perceive Realtors, are just barely better than a used car salesman Mitch understands that if he provides the level of expertise, quality service, and professionalism, that Mitch had expected when he was the consumer, that Mitch could excel and positively change the public’s perception about Realtors… even if it happens only one client at a time!

Now as one of the top Realtors in the Indianapolis area, along with customer satisfaction scores that on average exceed 98%, it seems like Mitch’s success may be the validation that Mitch’s focus on making it easier for his clients to buy, sell and lease properties is truly what clients want!

 Because being Knowledgeable, Principled and Effective is all about being Focused on

Helping You Make The Right Move!