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Mitch Rolsky
Mitch Rolsky - REALTOR®

Call or Text Anytime: 317.223.1673

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“Mitch Lived Up To His Reputation”
Added May 7th, 2015
Mill No. 9 Lofts Phase 1

 Overall Satisfaction 97%  Recommendation 100%  Performance Rating 100% "Mitch lived up to his reputation. We couldn't ask for
Chris and Samantha Julka...
“I Would Insist That My Family/Friends Use Mitch…”
Added March 25th, 2015

"Mitch has a reputation for being the hardest working downtown REALTOR.  Mitch is thorough and knowledgeable throughout the process. Tells it like it is. I would insist that my family/friends use Mi
Butch Gross...
Mitch Provided Us With First Class Service
Added March 4th, 2015
757 Mass Ave

"Mitch is extremely knowledgeable and he is very upfront giving you all the facts and data regarding your property and similar properties on the market so that you can make an well informed decision..
Beth & Holger...
I Was Certainly Glad To Have Mitch On My Side
Added January 28th, 2015
Mill No. 9 Lofts Phase II

Mitch is truly an expert in his field. He walked me through every step of the process and I was certainly glad to have Mitch on my side, especially when it came to the negotiation phase. Mitch knows
Nathan Mainka...
So Glad Mitch Was Our Agent!
Added November 22nd, 2014

Some transactions are anything but simple... It turned out that the seller had IRS tax liens that had to be addressed before my buyers could close this place as their new home. Since we had already le
Tony & Kurt ...
He’s amazing and much appreciated
Added October 23rd, 2014
Desoto Condominiums

Couldn't have asked for a better experience or a better agent. He's amazing and much appreciated Read Other Reviews & Testimonials Here
Radie & Mike...
Mitch’s pricing advice turned out to be perfect
Added October 15th, 2014
Hudson Condominiums

We could not have been happier with Mitch. He worked extremely hard and was on top of the sale from start to finish. Mitch's advice about pricing turned out to be perfect, and we were surprised by how
Alex M...
Mitch talked us through every step of the way
Added September 23rd, 2014
Mill No. 9 Lofts Phase 1

With 1st time home buyers it means a lot to me to hear "Mitch was very professional, and he talked us through every step of the way." I still vividly remember buying my first home! It's an exciting bu
Paul & Garth...
I would not hesitate to use again!
Added August 27th, 2014

Second time using C21 Scheetz, I would not hesitate to use again! Read Other Reviews & Testimonials Here
Kurt and Tony...
Re/Max failed… but MITCH sold it in days
Added December 9th, 2013

Mitch did a great job, we had our house for sale twice with re/max and never had an offer. Mitch had a buyer in the house within days. I would highly recommend Mitch to anyone that asks. Thanks Read
David E...