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Indy: #3 of the 20 least expensive U.S. metro areas

No. 3: Indianapolis, IN

For Buyers looking to buy a home lately, especially for 1st time home buyers or those looking to buy in the heart of downtown, it seems like Indy real estate sales prices have skyrocketed off the map!

At the same time while cities like Atlanta, San Antonio, Tampa and Orlando have dropped off the most recent top 10 of the least expensive metro areas in the US to buy a home… Indianapolis as a whole has secured the slot as the third least expensive right behind Pittsburgh as #1 and Cleveland in second place.

The finding reported by  are based on Indy’s 30 year Fixed mortgage rate that’s dropped .18% since the 1st quarter 2017 while the median home price came in at $176,200 which is up 10.68% from the 1st quarter of 2017.

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