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Indy’s Downtown Zoo Ranked as #2 in U.S.

No. 2: Indianapolis, IN

The Indianapolis Zoo… the only place in the midwest where you can swim with dolphins & it’s also the only park in America certified as a zoo, aquarium, and zoological garden!

As a 6 year old, since my father was designing exhibit’s for the Kansas City Zoo, I spent one summer vacation traveling throughout the USA getting private tours of some of the top zoos. I still remember many things from that trip including the San Diego Zoo that I have since also visited as an adult. Fast forward 30 years and my landscape firm was one of a handful of companies that installed the landscaping at the then new Indianapolis Zoo in White River State Park! In many ways it did feel like life had come full circle. So when Conde Nest Traveler ranked Indy’s downtown zoo as #2 right behind the #1 San Diego Zoo I was both surprised and yet Not!

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