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Mitch Rolsky
Mitch Rolsky - REALTOR®

Call or Text Anytime: 317.223.1673

His Thorough Knowledge And Explanation Of The Pros And Cons Helped Us To Choose The Perfect Location

all 5 stars

"We met Mitch Rolsky at an open house. After speaking with Mitch for a few mins we had a feeling that Mitch is the broker to work with for properties in downtown Indy. 

His thorough knowledge and explanation of the pros and cons helped us to choose the perfect location. I had a strong feeling that Mitch fought for us in every step of the process.

We are never serious about buying a house because of my busy schedule and the amount of work involved in the process but Mitch made the best decisions on our behalf and made the process look very simple. Mitch and I spoke at 1 AM on several occasions. He is always available and responds very quickly.

I will recommend Mitch to all my relatives and friends without any hesitation.

Raj Koduru, Indianapolis"

Raj Koduru

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