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Mitch Rolsky
Mitch Rolsky - REALTOR®

Call or Text Anytime: 317.223.1673

“I dread the day Mitch retires”

all 5 stars

"I've dealt with many realtors. There is simply no realtor like Mitch. His attention to detail is #1.

His involvement, pro-activity, and investment of time into the entire process, including market research, staging, and extensively modifying complex purchase agreements, is unheard of.

His bull-dog-like protection of his client makes him the best advocate, protector, and negotiator you could ever have in your corner. He is extremely accessible and dependable. His knowledge about construction is amazing and quite useful to clients. His knowledge of local real estate is phenomenal. I gave him the highest possible ratings, including excellence in all categories, except "good" in politeness which is the optimal rating for politeness for a realtor, because he is honest and "tells it like it is" to protect his clients while also negotiating reasonably and fairly.

If you want a realtor who tells you what you want to hear and silently allows you to hurt yourself with bad decisions, he is not for you. If you want a realtor who works with your preferences while telling you the honest truth and who does everything in their power to protect your interests, while getting you the best price (buy or sell), and while also using market wisdom to set realistic prices to move things quickly, there is no one better than Mitch.

In my life, I will never find another realtor like Mitch. I will never use another realtor. I dread the day he retires. Patrick M, Indianapolis"

Patrick M

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