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Mitch Rolsky
Mitch Rolsky - REALTOR®

Call or Text Anytime: 317.223.1673

Mitch Is A Fantastic REALTOR, & I Will Highly Recommend Him To Any Friends…

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"A close friend of mine recommend Mitch Rolsky. After my first meeting with Mitch, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information. Due to budgetary and location based restraints, my home buying process took a bit longer than most. Mitch never gave me grief about how long the process took, and was more than happy to visit homes with me. His knowledge of the surrounding homes, and just being able to quickly call out defects in homes that I wouldn't have noticed at first was very helpful in finding a good home.

There were a few homes I had put offers in, and Mitch was able to walk me through every step of the process without issue. During one of the purchases, there were several issues with the HOA, and Mitch was incredibly helpful to ensure that I would not be at fault for defects that they should have handled. He made sure that I was legally taken care of during that entire process.

Mitch was able to point me to a great inspector as well as a great mortgage company. Everyone I dealt with during the process has been great, and I attribute that a lot to Mitch's long history of picking exceptional partners. He was also able to advise me on the worth of a home, and he was very accurate. Beyond all of his general happy demeanor, his attention to detail (especially in regards to contracts), is bar none. I will happily recommend Mitch to any and all friends looking for a home."

Josh Miller

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