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Mitch Rolsky
Mitch Rolsky - REALTOR®

Call or Text Anytime: 317.223.1673

They Said What?

5 Reasons… “Mitch Will Be Our REALTOR For Life”

Added October 11, 2019
Fall Creek Place

all 5 stars

"Mitch is our Realtor for life.

Choosing a realtor seems like a grab bag & you never know what you are going to end up with. It’s scary, to say the least. But that’s no longer the case for us. Mitch will be our realtor for life. What sets Mitch apart from the others?

1. He’s well educated in his field

2. He keeps your best interest first. He treats your purchase as though he was the buyer. He will not let you make a faulty purchase.

3. He’s a protector of your soon to be new investment & selling your investment. Where other agents are lackadaisical he’s well versed in the laws of Real estate.

4. He’s analytically & statistically driven. There is a reason he’s an award winner for selling homes for the highest price in the least amount of days. Which is what all sellers want. The best price and to move quickly. Win-win.

5. Where others fall short is a lack of passion for the career. Not with Mitch. His passion shines through. He loves challenges & problem-solving. He will not be beaten. Which means you will not lose.

To sum it up. Mitch is amazing on both ends of the real estate spectrum. We have hired Mitch for both selling & buying. He does not disappoint in either arena.

When I hire someone I look for honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic, a high degree of knowledge in their chosen field & warmth. Mitch hits all these markers. He will not disappoint.

Thank you Mitch Rolsky

Kim Oyler Indianspolis "

Kim Oyler & Shane Corliss

“Mitch Was Wonderful In Every Aspect Of The Purchase”

Added September 23, 2019

all 5 stars

"Mitch Rolsky was recommended to my wife and I by our relatives, who had worked with him before and had nothing but good things to say about his experience and insight.

Mitch was wonderful in every aspect of the purchase. He was extremely accommodating in helping us navigate our first time through the home buying process.

We didn't know what we didn't know, and through Mitch's guidance, we were able to find the perfect house for our needs and budget.

Pat Hannon, Fishers "

Amanda & Pat Hannon

Mitch “Does An Exceptional Job… Making Sure Your Needs Are The Number One Priority”

Added September 16, 2019

all 5 stars

"He has great knowledge about the area, resale values, and isn't afraid to tell you about potential downfalls to purchasing a particular property.

He does an exceptional job and walking you through all paperwork and making sure that your needs are the number one priority.

Jen Ashley, Carmel"

Jen & Blair Ashley

“You Need A REALTOR To Guide You Through The Biggest Decision You Will Ever Make”

Added August 21, 2019

all 5 stars

"Mitch always makes himself available and he is very knowledgeable and efficient to deal with.

Even when you think, as a seller or buyer, you know what you want -you need a realtor to talk you back into reality and guide you through the biggest decision you will make.

J Forehand, Indianapolis"

J Forehand

Mitch… “One Of A Kind And In The Best Way!”

Added July 29, 2019
Holy Cross

all 5 stars

"Mitch Rolsky is by far the best realtor I've worked with, and I have worked with quite a few.

If you want analytical, thoughtful and responsive representation that translates into closing, Mitch is the realtor.

He is one of a kind and in the best way!

Kim Fox, Indianapolis "

Kim Fox

“Everyone Has A Weak Spot… But Not Mitch”

Added July 28, 2019

all 5 stars "I normally think everyone has a weak spot, but not Mitch.

He is the beginning and endpoint in selling downtown. I have lost track of the number of transactions he has assisted me, my family or friends with.

He is unique in that he brutally honest and puts that above making money--which in the long run probably results in more sales.

If you want it done right, it is Mitch. There is no other broker, period, in downtown like Mitch. His ability to value a home and sell it is something only he can do. No detail of any kind misses his keen eye. 

Frankly, there is Mitch and he--if you know his skills, is number one--and anyone else is a distant second. !!

Bryan Ciyou, Indianapolis"

Bryan Ciyou

Mitch… “Will Truly Act In Your Best Interests Throughout The Entire Process”

Added June 28, 2019

all 5 stars "Mitch Rolsky is a very knowledgeable realtor and is observant in the up-front stages with his clients to help truly understand what they are looking for in a home and a neighborhood.

He provides valuable perspective both in the context of limiting factors on a house, as well as potential enhancements/additions that can be made to improve livability or increase resale value. He is practical but also thinks with a good business acumen to truly help his clients get the best value out of a property or transaction.

Mitch is also extremely thorough throughout the inspection and closing process and will make sure all of your questions get answered. He will truly act in your best interest throughout the entire process.

Mitch is very accessible and always gets back to you quickly, and he will make the process of buying or selling a home a lot easier for you.

We’re very glad we decided to work with Mitch!!

Brendan & Meghan Ward, Indianapolis"

Brendan & Meghan Ward

“Mitch Is Fast, Responsive, Very Knowledgeable, And Strategic”

Added June 7, 2019
Mass Ave-Chatham Arch - Mill #9 Lofts Phase 1

all 5 stars

"I have partnered with Mitch Rolsky on multiple properties over the years.

I have found him to be truly excellent in every way. He is fast, responsive, very knowledgeable, and strategic.

It was truly special to work with Mitch. He was the ultimate pro and made the process easy.

Michael Lyons"

Michael Lyons

“Mitch Has Been Like Family… And Understands The Indianapolis Market Very Well”

Added May 23, 2019

all 5 stars

"Mitch has been like family. He sold our first home in Indy for us.

He is very knowledgeable and understands the Indianapolis market very well.

Another factor is that Mitch was very responsive to our needs and concerns

Edye F, Indianapolis"

Edye F.

His Thorough Knowledge And Explanation Of The Pros And Cons Helped Us To Choose The Perfect Location

Added May 18, 2019
Lockerbie Square - Firehouse Square

all 5 stars

"We met Mitch Rolsky at an open house. After speaking with Mitch for a few mins we had a feeling that Mitch is the broker to work with for properties in downtown Indy. 

His thorough knowledge and explanation of the pros and cons helped us to choose the perfect location. I had a strong feeling that Mitch fought for us in every step of the process.

We are never serious about buying a house because of my busy schedule and the amount of work involved in the process but Mitch made the best decisions on our behalf and made the process look very simple. Mitch and I spoke at 1 AM on several occasions. He is always available and responds very quickly.

I will recommend Mitch to all my relatives and friends without any hesitation.

Raj Koduru, Indianapolis"

Raj Koduru