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Mitch Rolsky
Mitch Rolsky - REALTOR®

Call or Text Anytime: 317.223.1673

They Said What?

We Will Definitely Recommend Mitch To Family And Friends!

Added March 27, 2018
Mass Ave-Chatham Arch - Mill #9 Lofts Phase 1

all 5 stars

"Given that we had not lived in the Indianapolis area for many years, it took us almost a year to find what we ultimately purchased. Mitch was extremely patient over that time period and showed us a number of units that helped us familiarize ourselves with the area.

His emails showing what was available and in our "zone" really helped us to narrow the units we looked at.

We will definitely recommend Mitch to family and friends!"

Ann & Pete Cagany

We Truly Cannot Say Enough Wonderful Things… His Dedication To His Clients Is Unprecedented.

Added March 13, 2018

all 5 stars

"We truly cannot say enough wonderful things about our realtor Mitch. His dedication and loyalty to his clients is unprecedented. 

We are forever grateful for him and his unwavering guidance, knowledge, and true passion for selling and buying our home.

There will never be any hesitation to use anyone other than Mitch. Extremely pleased with the sale price and timeframe of sale. Mitch is extremely accessible throughout the whole process.

Again cannot stress enough how wonderful of an agent he is."

Allie and Robert Moran

No One Compares When It Comes To Downtown Real Estate, Work Ethic, And Integrity.

Added March 4, 2018
- Renaissance Place

all 5 stars

"We have absolute and complete confidence in Mitch based on our prior and ongoing experience with him.

No one compares to him in our opinion when it comes to knowledge of downtown real estate, work ethic, and integrity. "

Blake J. & Dan B.

This Is Our 4th Time… I Always Know Mitch Has Our Best Interest In Mind

Added September 7, 2017

all 5 stars

"This is our 4th time using Mitch. I would not have used anyone else. He's professional and always available. I always know Mitch has our best interest in mind."

Tina & David Effinger

Mitch Came Highly Recommended, All Had Great Things To Say & I Can’t Recommend Mitch Enough!!!

Added August 27, 2017
Fall Creek Place

all 5 starts

"Mitch Rolsky came highly recommended by a work colleague, but throughout the buying process, I learned that other colleagues had also used Mitch. They all had great things to say about him and their experiences, which gave us even more confidence.

I can't recommend Mitch enough!!! Being newer to Indy, my wife and I relied heavily on Mitch's expertise regarding the Indy market, pros and cons of neighborhoods, and his persistence throughout the negotiation process. He was adamant about making sure any compromises were valid and appropriate."

Chelsea & Travis Marion

Mitch Went Above And Beyond For Me

Added August 21, 2017

all 5 starts

"One of my friends worked with Mitch to find/purchase a house and I was impressed with all the good things I heard from my friend about Mitch, so I wanted to work with him when it was time for me to find a house in Indy

As a first time home buyer, I could not have asked for a better agent than Mitch. I learned so much from him throughout the process and felt that he always gave recommendations with my best interests in mind. It took a while to find the right home, but Mitch was always available, friendly, and positive throughout the entire process. While working with Mitch, it didn't take long to see that he is a high character person and someone that I can trust. My home buying experience was overwhelmingly positive thanks to Mitch's help. I feel like he went above and beyond for me and I would definitely want to work with him in the future"

Rob Padget

Mitch… The Most Knowledgeable & Prolific Agent In Downtown Indy. Mitch Is Amazing!

Added July 14, 2017
Chatham Arch-Mass Ave - Mill No. 9 Lofts Phase 1

all 5 starts

"First met Mitch at a Landmarks Preservation Hearing, arguing to block development of a lot immediately adjacent to our landmark building. When I asked him why he was there, he responded that he owed it to the many clients whom he had helped purchased condos here. That is real commitment.

I quickly learned that Mitch was the most knowledgeable and prolific agent in downtown Indy. Mitch is great! To start with, he is the hardest working person in Real Estate. If you e-mail Mitch at midnight, you get an immediate response. The buyer was in a rush so we had some late nights and Mitch had some early mornings. Since we live 700 miles away there were many things we could not do to facilitate the sales process. Mitch covered all that for us. He changed the filters on the A/C system, cleaned what needed to be cleaned,, and never voided a single complaint. He was very impressive throughout.

Mitch is amazing."

Christine Yu & Tim Irving

Mitch Is A Fantastic REALTOR, & I Will Highly Recommend Him To Any Friends…

Added June 29, 2017
Chatham Arch-Mass Ave

all 5 starts

"A close friend of mine recommend Mitch Rolsky. After my first meeting with Mitch, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information. Due to budgetary and location based restraints, my home buying process took a bit longer than most. Mitch never gave me grief about how long the process took, and was more than happy to visit homes with me. His knowledge of the surrounding homes, and just being able to quickly call out defects in homes that I wouldn't have noticed at first was very helpful in finding a good home.

There were a few homes I had put offers in, and Mitch was able to walk me through every step of the process without issue. During one of the purchases, there were several issues with the HOA, and Mitch was incredibly helpful to ensure that I would not be at fault for defects that they should have handled. He made sure that I was legally taken care of during that entire process.

Mitch was able to point me to a great inspector as well as a great mortgage company. Everyone I dealt with during the process has been great, and I attribute that a lot to Mitch's long history of picking exceptional partners. He was also able to advise me on the worth of a home, and he was very accurate. Beyond all of his general happy demeanor, his attention to detail (especially in regards to contracts), is bar none. I will happily recommend Mitch to any and all friends looking for a home."

Josh Miller

I Highly Recommend Mitch & Plan On Using Him In The Future!

Added April 24, 2017

all 5 starts

"We were referred to Mitch from a reliable friend. I reached out initially via email, and immediately received a call from Mitch to get the process started.

Mitch's attention to detail throughout the whole process was impeccable. Coming from a condo in Chicago, this was the first home we had ever purchased and there was a lot that we didn't understand or needed to look-out for. We always knew Mitch had our best interest at heart.

Mitch was always timely in getting back to us. Even when he was on vacation, he continued to call us and keep the process moving. We were under a tight time frame in finding a place, and he was always understanding to our schedule with commuting down from Chicago to see properties.

There were times in the process where either myself or my husband wasn't available and Mitch always made sure he was available to help assist with things such as, inspections, walk throughs, etc. I highly recommend Mitch and plan on using him in the future! "

Dawn & Chris Mellender

A Broker That Had Knowledge Of The Local, Fast Moving Downtown & Broad Ripple Markets

Added April 20, 2017
Broad Ripple

all 5 starts

"We were interested in a broker that had knowledge of the local, fast moving downtown and Broad Ripple markets.

Mitch worked many late hours to ensure our successful home purchase. Mitch accommodated my third shift schedule as well as my wife's flexible work schedule.

Mitch's knowledge of the Broad Ripple market was especially helpful in negotiating the initial offering and negotiations."


Ashley & Jason H.